Sunrise Mills Natural Choice

“If You Don’t Take Care Of Your Body, Where Are You Going To Live?”  Unknown


Ark Import – Fairtrade clothing from Nepal

We carry Ark Import clothing. Please feel free to visit our shop to see what is on hand &/or what is available from their current catalogue.

Santevia Pure Earth Alkaline Water System

This canadian water system transforms ordinary tap water into clear, delicious mineralized drinking water, promotes good health and saves you money. The Santevia system uses a multi-stage filtration process reducing impurities and adding beneficial minerals.


The SaunaRay infrared sauna system provides healing infrared heat as it rids the body of poisonous toxins. Treatments are available for as little as $5.00 an hour.

(booking ahead is required.)

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Sprout Master

We carry food grade 35 % hydrogen peroxide for our customers.


“Healing Is A Matter Of Time, But It Is Sometimes Also A Matter Of Opportunity.”